About Augmetrics™

Augmetrics® is an AI performance optimization platform developed over 15 years. Built on a combination of human, contextual, and machine learning, Augmetrics® is unique in its ability to apply context, human and business, to unstructured, semi-structured and structured data.

Perhaps above all, unlike the large language model (LLM) providers who squander power and water resources 24 hours per day, Augmetrics® is the greenest possible information processing we could imagine because of its unique processing characteristics.

Augmetrics® has three modes of operation: actionable intelligence, recommended actions and direct actions, which are geared toward helping organizations achieve better results. These are results generated, not just from mining or analyzing data, but by empowering team members at all levels to share what they know about the business: from interactions with customers, partners, competitors, systems, and processes.

They do so by adding their knowledge in the form of information objects (IOs) to the collective Augmetrics® ‘brain’. This knowledge, once captured and embedded into the organization’s knowledge base, is then disseminated in reporting, system outputs, presentations or any form of communication.

It is how Augmetrics® does this that makes it unique.

The Augmetrics® brain, called the Registry, remembers each information object, process it only once no matter how many times it is requested from how many users. The Registry knows that time to process (TTP) for each object, making it unique in cost control and resource administration.

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