About Augmetrics™

Augmetrics™ (Augmented Metrics) - is a machine learning system whose optimization analytics engine is used to develop action recommendations for machine and human operators alike. Marketers use Augmetrics™ to build contextual audiences that are the basis for privacy compliant ad targeting and measure both market demand & sales performance results.

Born out of 15 years of front-line media optimization by Adworthy, the Augmetrics™ platform is the evolution of Adworthy’s two marketing performance optimization clouds, Adivore® (paid advertising, 2009) and Wordivore® (SEO and content marketing, 2007).

Augmetrics™ mines your marketing and sales transaction data to identify the top performing keywords and the images customers, prospects and visitors use when looking for the products and services your brand offers. It then uses that data to build 100% privacy-compliant audiences for contextual ad targeting and web content optimization; a must in today’s privacy-centric world.

In addition to its suite of optimization analytics and reporting, Augmetrics™ delivers recommended “make money/save money” actions for marketers to implement or test. These tactical actions are designed for marketers looking to generate sustainable ROI from their paid and/or organic strategies and are customizable based on business and campaign goals.

At the core of our Augmetrics™ platform is a customizable machine language framework called PerzAI™ that allows users to customize the optimization tests that better meet their business goals, strategies or even method of campaign management. The collaborative features of PerzAI allow Augmetrics™ users to crowd-source expertise, adding new data tests from internal or external experts into their optimization analytics models, then rating those tests and the contributors based on results.