Augmetrics® Products

As a performance optimization platform for Operational AI, the Augmetrics® platform has three actionable intelligence applications available in Phase 1. Actionable intelligence occurs when data that has been analyzed and converted into contextually relevant information about specific business goals.

Each mode contains unique applications that can be used by business domain, data and other experts within the organization while still staying within security and governance guidelines.


We recommend customers begin with the Phase 1 Actionable Intelligence applications to broaden the gathering of contextual knowledge from business domain experts. All Augmetrics® applications use its core processing engines, which provides the most cost-controlled and greenest possible processing.

Actionable Intelligence
There are three applications in the Phase 1 Augmetrics® actionable intelligence mode:

  • DF123™ for building custom data feeds from any selected fields using data sources uploaded to Augmetrics®
  • Chloe NLP™ to generate spot queries, personal dashboards and any form of communication needing analytics support without a query language .
  • Reportworthy™ for automating recurring narrative reporting to save thousands of person hours per year in data formatting and analysis .

The Language of Success
Large Language Models contain hundreds of billions, even trillions of learning parameters which makes them difficult to use in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Not only do you need to focus those learnings, many of which have little to no bearing on the business problem you are trying to solve, to fuel a specific application but you also need to have a plan for optimizing the use of that application for performance gains. Basically you need to generate ROI from using AI. You’ve been tasked to “use AI”, but where do you start? You start by training the selected LLM service using your language of success.

In addition to the Augmetrics® Phase 1 actionable intelligence applications, AI Trainer™ multiplies contextual relevance by introducing business goals performance .

Recommended Actions & Direct Actions
The Augmetrics® Phase 2 applications for Recommended Actions and Direct Actions build upon the business goals knowledge gained from the Actionable Intelligence application users.