Leveraged Human Intelligence

The Case For Leveraged Human Intelligence

In the current paradigm, the trend is to have business decisions made by machines, with human input being relegated to secondary or tertiary priority, even eliminated entirely. We disagree.

We agree with those who believe there has never existed a better opportunity to add valuable human knowledge to machine learning systems. That you cannot ignore hundreds of years of collective real-world human experience, which is being lost simply because there is no mechanism in place to capture this knowledge and to add its voice to these powerful new processing tools.

Augmetrics® LHI™ is such a system.

A learning system for humans working together with machines, a way for companies to gather and disseminate the many unheard contextual voices that add real value in the processes of converting data into information.

Leverage The Human Intelligence
That Is Within Your Organization

With the fundamental premise that anyone in an organization has knowledge or insight that can contribute to a solution, Augmetrics® has been designed to include, measure, and weight the consistently valuable contributions from people at any reporting level across the organization.

In the Augmetrics® platform, we refer to these inner workings as tools for leveraged human intelligence™ or LHI™ for short.

Capturing Context & Nuance Beyond the Raw Data That Only Humans Can Provide

The overwhelming amount of captured data is processed and analyzed by an extremely small number of data scientists for consumption by a very limited number of business decision makers. And often the information generated from the data doesn’t include input from expert, non-technical humans with the organization and doesn’t align with or support operational objectives and goals.

What is needed to bridge this gap, and what Augmetrics® provides, is a set of natural language query and communication tools to interact directly with permitted data sources so that business domain experts can share their insights and cooperate with other domain and data experts, combining their collective knowledge to accelerate performance optimization.