Cost Control

For any data-centric organization, with storage cost becoming more competitive, compute costs make up the lion’s share of its IT budget.

One of the main reasons for the increasingly higher compute cost is that organizations continue to convert huge amounts of core data into potential information that is neither used nor relevant to targeted business outcomes or goals. And with the pressure to adopt generative AI, these costs are very likely to skyrocket as newer technologies process even more data.

This process is inefficient, expensive and environmentally unsustainable.

We Can Solve That For You

Cost Savings – No Duplicated Processing

Because Augmetrics® is an information processing on demand system, the platform only processes information requested by the users. And each information object (IO) requested is processed only once, no matter how many times it appears in reports, communications, presentations or dashboards for how many users across the entire user base.

Nor are there merges or joins of unique data streams/sets in the data tables, another budget-eating exercise that is a common practice.

Cost Control – Precision Budgeting & Lower Cost Network Resources

Augmetrics® knows the time to process (TTP) for each IO across the entire network. It uses that information for both resource planning and processing optimization. IO budgeting currently is measured in the one-millionth of a cent and compared across all time periods for at least one year.

In its current configuration, Augmetrics® uses low-cost traditional (non-GPU) network servers.

Key Outcome – Sustainability

With cost control a fundamental part of its core, Augmetrics® was intended to be as sustainable a processing system as possible. By design, it is the greenest possible processing we could imagine.