AI Trainer™

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Large Language Models can contain hundreds of billions, even trillions of learning parameters which makes them difficult to use in an efficient and cost-effective manner. You need to be able to focus those learnings, many of which have little to no bearing on the business problem you are trying to solve, to fuel a specific application for performance gains. Basically you need to generate ROI from using AI.

You’ve been tasked to “use AI”, but where do you start? We think you start by training the selected LLM service using your language of success.

For nearly 20 years our contextual processing engines have identified, scored and created contextual segments specific to a company’s business goals and strategy and the actions to be taken to achieve them. Initially used in non-PII campaign targeting and generative content marketing, with the addition of key success attributes and additional data sources, these contextual feeds can be used to streamline the use of LLMs to achieve more successful application deployments.

The AI Trainer™ managed service analyzes, identifies and adds new attributes such as goals, scores, categories, segments and priorities to growth data, which is generated from customer-centricity efforts. Specifically including language to improve your business performance, this contextualized feed is used to fuel a training process in GenAI and Operations AI models to reduce the time and cost of converting the LLM to your organization’s intended use.

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