For years, the technology behind Augmetrics™ has been driving results for brands across a variety of industries.

Here’s what our clients have to say.

“Augmetrics™ is consistently the best performance marketing solution we have ever used, and we’ve used a lot. Our barometer for success is simple – SALES – and time and time again the Augmetrics™ system has delivered, no matter the operating environment.”

Joe Pagano,
Director of Business Development & Marketing
Pine Belt Cars

“…since switching to their platform we’re now spending about a fourth of what we used to on PPC, yet we’re bringing in more revenue than ever and our cost per acquisition has dropped by roughly 80%. We couldn’t be happier with the relationship or the results.

Rocco Martino
Former SVP, Partnerships & Digital Media

“The Augmetrics™ platform extracts critical campaign optimization data from paid advertising platforms such as Google Ads. We’ve never seen this level of contextually relevant optimization data in any other performance marketing platform.”

Bill Faughnan
ClosedOpp Agency

“Our US PPC campaign results, previously at break-even, generated a return of more than 16X ad spend…and that was after applying a 50% contribution margin calculation.”

Jack Kiefer
Sweet Valley Ventures