Augmetrics® Pricing

Pricing for Augmetrics® applications is based on the following:


  • The Number of Data Sources Uploaded
  • The Cumulative File Size of All Data Uploaded
  • The Number of Users on the Augmetrics® Application(s)


Let us know your goals and a Success Team member will reach out  to discuss the

Augmetrics® service level that best suit your needs and the onboarding process.


Loading your data onto Augmetrics® is easy and convenient for any experienced user of a data source. There is an automated one-time set-up process involving a sample of each dataset you plan on uploading. One of our analysts will review the completed settings with you for final approval and you are ready to finalize scheduling for updating of your data.

A brief note: Augmetrics® will flag most PII automatically for exclusion from your data templates. If you want to analyze, report or take action at the PII level using an Augmetrics® application, you will be able to override that exclusion.