Getting Started With Augmetrics™

Free Trial

All Augmetrics™ customers start with a 30-day free trial. The free trial provides you with hands-on experience of Augmetrics™ as well actionable optimization recommendations – Make Money / Save Money – that demonstrate how Augmetrics™ pays for itself from the beginning.

As part of your free trial, you’ll receive:


Paid Search Opportunity Report with immediate make money, save money optimization recommendations.


Access to your Augmetrics™ ROI Dashboard, including target audience reporting by category.


Access to the Augmetrics™ Hub, where you’ll find your recommended actions, links to free software and more.

The amazingly powerful optimization tools of Augmetrics™ allow you to build completely privacy compliant campaigns that support your content strategy with data-driven performance!

Contextual Audience Building

Building your primary contextual targeting audience segments is a key part of the Free Trial process, all of which is handled within the Augmetrics™ Hub.

The step-by-step process guides you through contextual audience creation, which, once completed, fuels both your privacy-compliant ad targeting and the audience segment reporting in the ROI Dashboard.

Performance Optimization Applications

Included with any paying Augmetrics™ subscription are a number of performance optimization and measurement applications. These applications are designed for everything from paid advertising optimization, content-driven SEO, website relaunches and content scoring and optimization.

Starting out, all Free Trial subscribers get access to the ROI Performance Marketing Dashboard, the Augmetrics™ Omni-Channel Business Reporting Dashboard, and the Augmetrics™ Hub for investment scorecard, Opportunity Reports and recommended optimization actions for paid advertising.

Hands-on Customer Support

While Augmetrics™ is a SaaS-style platform, our customer success team will support you throughout the Free Trial process.

Our customer success team is comprised of performance marketers with hands-on optimization experience. Their expertise has been built on years of helping brands successfully overcome the challenges of the digital ad space.