How Augmetrics™ Helps You
Build Future-Proof Contextual Audiences

The best acquisition and retention audience targeting solution for the cookieless world is the one that is future-proof; the one that uses first party data and contains no personal identifiers of any kind

All brand messages are built out of words and images. Because it builds contextual audiences out of keywords that visitors find most attractive about your brand and then expands it with images they interact with the most, Augmetrics™ audiences are future-proof when it comes to privacy and the core building blocks of customer communication.

Data Mining

Every day our Augmetrics™ platform mines fresh non-PII customer-centric keyword and image data from a wide range of your paid and organic data sources Including search engines, social and programmatic ad networks. It also connects with third party e-comm ad networks, call tracking and CX management platforms like Sprinklr.

Loaded into your brand’s data schema, this multichannel data arises from any type of customer, visitor or partner interaction with your brand and those attributes also can be added to your CRM.

Segment Analysis & Micro Strategies

Once it has been cleaned and normalized, the post-processing layer of Augmetrics™ prepares the data for hand-off to the audience building, keyword and image scoring and goal assignment engines for the final addition of relevant targeting and testing attributes.

100% Privacy-Compliant Audience Targeting

When targeting attributes have been scored and finalized, the next stop is the feed creation software for customization of channel-specific keyword or image feeds for distribution to content creators, campaign managers, channel partners and/or ad networks.


Once your paid media and content marketing have been launched, the Augmetrics™ campaign performance data is handed off to the recommendation engine which proposes actions to be taken to optimize your campaigns and refine your audiences.

Tests deployed by the recommendation engine can be customized by audience as well as to fully support the methods for campaign management and content deployment.