Augmetrics™ is a performance optimization platform fueled by your omnichannel marketing data. Using this data, Augmetrics™ generates recommended optimization actions for you to take.

These recommended actions are customizable to your business goals and the campaign management techniques being deployed by you or your marketing / advertising agency.

What You Get From Augmetrics™

Optimization Recommendations
That Generate Immediate Results

Augmetrics™ pays for itself by delivering recommended optimization actions proven to drive ROI. You can use the built-in recommendations or customize your own tests based on your preferred KPIs across any of the following areas:

  • Paid Search
  • Paid Social
  • Organic Search
  • Programmatic

A Proven Privacy Compliant
Alternative to Cookie-Based Ad Targeting

With privacy legislation and fines expanding across more and more countries and states, Augmetrics™ is a must have for marketers looking to combat the risks associated with cookie and PII-based targeting. Augmetrics™ uses proven contextual targeting, based on your existing first party data, to optimize your paid and organic campaigns. The Augmetrics™ model has been tested and proven over the past 15+ years in an agency setting.

1st-Party Data Enrichment

Augmetrics™ enriched 1st party data is intrinsically privacy compliant, providing future-proof audience targeting with contextual modeling to supercharge ROI. Connect Augmetrics™ to your CRM or other 1st-party data source to build contextual audience targeting models without scraping personally identifiable information (PII).

Omni-Channel Performance Reporting
for Each Business Goal

With two marketing performance dashboards included with all data plans – one for marketing performance and one for business goals – marketers can clearly show how their campaigns align with, and drive, business performance.

Diverse, Equitable and
Inclusive Brand Advertising

Because Augmetrics™ captures and mines intent-based data signals, and at no point uses PII for targeting or modeling, your brand advertising and messaging is fully inclusive when it comes to targeting prospective customers. Augmetrics™ listens; it doesn’t profile.