Augmetrics™ Industry Solutions

Augmetrics™ works across all industries. It has the greatest impact in organizations looking to activate their 1st party data, improve marketing performance, or power digital transformation initiatives, through the augmentation of marketing data with business and operations data.

Because the recommended actions are based on user-defined business goals, Augmetrics™ can help drive performance for virtually any business, with proven success in a wide range of industries.

Industries we serve

  • Technology
  • Retail Automotive
  • Recruiting & Executive Search
  • Remote Learning
  • Life Sciences / Pharma
  • Publishing
  • Financial Services
  • Industry / Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit
  • Marketing Agencies (Clients & Partners)
  • CPG
  • Insurance

For years, the technology behind Augmetrics™ has been driving results for brands across a variety of industries.

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