Augmetrics™ for

Chief Data Officers

Data privacy and data integrity are just two of the many challenges that CDOs face today. And with the data privacy landscape constantly changing and the risks around fines from using personally identifiable information rising by the day, CDOs (more than the CMOs) have to plan for the future needs of the organization when it comes to securing and leveraging first party data.

The most valuable 1st party data that brands own includes the non-PII generated by advertising campaigns and web visits. This means that brands need to own and control their web analytics and advertising accounts so that they can mine the resident data. This is especially important given the cut over to GA4 in July 2023 and the related reduction in the sampled lookback data that Google will provide.

Augmetrics™ enables brands to safely acquire, store, mine, optimize, and take action on 1st party data, and to generate faster speed to value using privacy compliant targeting data and recommended actions from the system.