Focus Your Ad Budget
Before Cost Cutting

Marketing budgets are always under scrutiny, but when advertisers face economic challenges, oftentimes ad budgets are the first stop on the cost-cutting path by the finance department.

At the same time, sales are expecting those same budgets to deliver better results. With twin forces pulling in seemingly opposite directions, what are marketers supposed to do?

Priority #1

Optimize/Focus Your Ad Budgets Before Cutting Ad Costs.

How does Augmetrics™ help?

How Does Augmetrics™ Help Marketers Cut Cost Yet Continue To Deliver Better Results?

Dig In To Performance

Augmetrics™ helps makes this happen by enabling you to focus your budget on the channels, tactics, geographic markets that are performing for you.

By analyzing the paid or organic campaign results at the most granular level, Augmetrics™ tells you which of your audiences really perform.

Know What Is Working

It’s more than just optimization, Augmetrics™ helps you quickly find out what is working:

  • What – content, images, keywords
  • When – hour of day, day of week
  • Where – geo, device
  • Which Audience Goal – new prospects, competitor conquest, existing customers, past customers

Continually Improve On Your Optimization Efforts

And then Augmetrics™ provides you with the measurable, data-informed recommended actions to improve on your optimization efforts.

These actions are driven by unique contextual (qualitative) analyses, paired with quantitative analyses that focus and deliver on your business goals.

But wait! You came to this page to save money,
not spend more money.

Augmetrics™ pays for its annual subscription in Month 1 with continual recommended actions which lead to new revenue, budget focus/cost savings and truly valuable market intelligence!

With the savings made in the additional 11 months of the year through the optimization process, you can choose to re-invest in performing markets or test new markets. The remainder of the unspent ad budget cost can be saved.