Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions about Augmetrics™

What is the Augmetrics™ Pricing Model

Augmetrics™ works on a monthly data subscription basis, unlike typical SaaS models where you’re paying for software applications. With Augmetrics each of our 25+ marketing performance optimization applications are included for free with your subscription.

What Is Included in My Augmetrics™ Data Subscription?

Included in your data plan is optimized data from the channels that you’ve selected. In addition, each Augmetrics™ data subscription includes omni-channel business and marketing performance dashboards at no additional charge. Other free software includes various optimizing software applications from our Adivore™ (paid advertising optimization) and Wordivore™ (content marketing & SEO) software clouds.

How Do Companies Use Augmetrics™?

Predominantly for optimization of your brand advertising, content marketing and communications. Whether you are looking to optimize your paid advertising campaigns or drive higher levels of organic search performance through supercharged SEO or even to align your cross-channel brand messaging for consistency, Augmetrics™ is geared to help you make money, save money or gain new market intelligence.

Where Does Augmetrics™ Data Come From?

With direct API connections to Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and a host of other platforms , Augmetrics™ provides brands and agencies with recommended actionable insights each day, reducing the time it takes to generate and act on both campaign optimization initiatives and market insights.

How Does Augmetrics™ Incorporate Business Goals?

Augmetrics™ is designed to help marketers solve business problems and to measure the results, starting with your company’s business goals. In Augmetrics™ Planner, for each business goal you include the marketing channels you want reported. Augmetrics™ helps you to identify the most relevant audiences as well as the performance thresholds for team members to be notified with actionable insights. In 5 minutes or less, Planner lets you build a complete omni-channel dashboard to measure performance for each business goal and the first party data enrichment from your various campaigns.

How Do I know What Augmetrics™ Subscription Level to Buy?

The subscription level you buy is based on your goals, and the marketing channels that you’re using. To get started, simply tell us what area(s) you want to work in (i.e. SEO, SEM, paid social) then choose the applicable data source for those channels you want to optimize and we’ll walk you through the rest.