How It Works

For more than a dozen years, we have been converting word and image data from search, social, and web analytics sources into powerful contextual targeting audience values for marketers.

Marketers use their Augmetrics™ data models to build, measure, optimize and report on privacy-compliant search, social and programmatic campaigns that achieve superior ROI and gain significant competitive advantage from the market intelligence gathered.

Loading Your Data

Augmetrics™ loads your paid and organic data from common marketing sources such as paid search, paid social, organic search, programmatic and other performance data networks. It then conducts a deep optimization analysis on that performance data, matching it against business goals you provide.

Building Audience Categories & Segments

You load your most important audience categories – brand, product brands, competitors, competitor product brands – so that Augmetrics™ can start to identify the most contextually relevant performers and new privacy compliant audience opportunities. Then you add the contextual audience segments that mirror your content messaging and customers’ perception of your brand.

Adding Context to Performance Analytics

This process of creating contextual audience targeting segments in Augmetrics™ allows the system to generate customizable recommended actions to make money, focus your budgets or even save money on your journey toward comprehensive campaign optimization.

Optimization Opportunities When They Occur

You don’t have to accept the actions recommended by Augmetrics™ or even the ones that you customize for your methods! Augmetrics™ does continually monitor your performance data and will alert you when an action should be taken or a specific analysis has occurred.