Augmetrics™ Solutions by Professional Role

Because Augmetrics™ is designed to help solve business problems it can be leveraged by a number of different functions.

Typical benefits of using Augmetrics™ include performance and efficiency gains across the marketing and data functions based on Augmetrics™ data-informed recommended actions, which accelerate speed to action and value.

Optimize Throughout Your Organization

Data Analytics Teams

Augmetrics™ handles the downloading, cleaning, and formatting of raw data so that data analytics teams can get to their analyses right away.

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Brand Teams and In-House Agencies

Augmetrics™ ties marketing performance reporting to business initiatives so that you can see how your campaigns are impacting business performance and identify opportunities for further growth.

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In an ever-changing digital landscape, Augmetrics™ helps chief marketing officers align marketing and business performance as well as providing a privacy-compliant alternative to cookie-based ad targeting.

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When you need powerful data analytics tools that go beyond insights direct to recommend actions, and pay for themselves, Augmetrics™ is the platform for you to test.

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Marketing Agencies or Consultants

Augmetrics™ provides agencies and consultants with a unique competitive advantage. By getting the right data in the hands of your best analysts, quicker, and going beyond insights to providing recommended actions, Augmetrics™ makes life easier and results better. The Augmetrics™ toolset, which includes over 25 marketing performance applications, has delivered proven success in agency settings for the past 15+ year, across a wide range of verticals.

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Make money, save money, gain marketing intelligence. For over 15 years, the data models behind Augmetrics™ have supported these business outcomes for PE-owned businesses.

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